A few weeks ago, T.J. Holmes was well-known to daytime TV viewers, but in recent days, a lot more viewers have developed an interest in the host. This is due to reports of an alleged relationship between him and his on-screen co-star, Amy Robach, while they were both working on GMA 3. Despite being suspended by ABC, both hosts have kept up their relationships despite going through their respective divorces. Following that suspension, further affairs involving Holmes have come to light, and one insider is now speaking out.

In fact, information that Holmes had had an affair with a script supervisor while working on GMA was made public this week. According to reports, they not only had an affair but also had one when they were at work. According to an individual who spoke to Radar Online, Holmes had sex with Jasmin Pettaway, who was then only 24 years old, in his office.

Before things progressed, the insider claimed, the coworker had begun meeting Holmes for drinks after work; they then used the host’s office to engage in “risky” sexual activities.

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I’m not sure how long it had been going before it turned sexual, but I do know that it happened for the first time in his office right before he was set to go on air a few hours later. I am aware that after they had sex, she was perplexed about what it meant. That “Did that just happen really?” sensation. That’s quite dangerous action on his part, to be sure.

Ms. Pettaway reportedly saw Holmes as a sort of “mentor,” and the two continued meeting for a while before it “fizzled out” after a few months, despite the insider’s claim that she was unsure of “what it meant” at the time. Now, according to the insider

He was a predator who exploited his position to the most, and he was careless. It was a significant event for Jasmin because it was her first proper job in television. She contacted a number of people in her search for a mentor. T.J. was a responsive person, yet he defiantly misused his position of trust.

When the alleged affair took place, T.J. Holmes and his now-divorced wife Marilee Fiebig were still legally wed in 2015. The insider called the actions “reckless,” but said that the daytime presenter didn’t appear to “care” much about how he was coming across at the time. While Holmes was seeing Robach in 2022, Ms. Fiebig filed for divorce.

It has previously been claimed that T.J. Holmes had more affairs. Since his relationship with Amy Robach made headlines, the TV personality has been accused at least two further times. He reportedly had a long-term relationship with a GMA producer called Natasha Singh, according to rumors from back in December. According to reports, there was reportedly a third affair with a former show staffer at one point, although details were scant.

The Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Case: A Complete Timeline of What We Know GMA Matter
If these fresh allegations are connected to that second alleged affair is not known.

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are persevering while an inquiry into what transpired while they were guests on GMA 3 is being conducted by ABC. Although they were removed from the broadcast, the two were spotted interacting. In the event that ABC decides to permanently remove them from GMA, both have retained attorneys.

Will Holmes and Robach return to the air? is the one significant question that remains unanswered. According to reports, ABC may already have a replacement anchor. We’ll have to wait and see how things turn out at the afternoon program, however.

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