Shrek is a symbol of love, life, and… what’s missing?

A 200-pound statue of the film ogre that was reported missing from its residence prompted police in Hatfield, Massachusetts, to initiate a search.

On Wednesday, the Hatfield Police Department published a notice on Facebook regarding the missing ogre. They also supplied a picture of the Shrek-themed statue made of fluorescent green cement.

From the Dairy Winkle eatery in West Virginia, the Weinerman monument was taken.
Returned to West Virginia restaurant is the beloved “Weinerman” statue.
According to the department, “If you have any information as to his present whereabouts, please get in touch with our department or return him in the state you found him.”

CNN contacted the Hatfield Police Department for comment, but they did not answer right away.

Police say they have already lost track of the swamp inhabitant.

The department wrote on Facebook, “The dragon sculpture he lives with is frustrated and lonely.”

The title character of the Dreamworks film from 2001 is Shrek, a green, hostile, and territorial ogre. The film, which makes fun of previous fairy tales, had a lasting impression and inspired numerous sequels and spinoffs.

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