China has said that the necessity that visitors enter the country under quarantine will stop on January 8.

As China abandons its zero-Covid policy, a number of limitations have been relaxed, and this one is the most recent.

Medical professionals in China have reported that they are finding it difficult to keep up with the surge in infections linked to COVID.

President Xi Jinping urged officials to take action that was “possible” to save lives in his initial remarks on the revisions.


He was quoted by state media as saying that the nation was facing new challenges that required a more focused response.

Despite the fact that China has stopped publicizing Covid statistics, it is believed that thousands of people still perish every day.

All travelers coming in China must go through centralized quarantine beginning in March 2020.

But the time frame has gradually shrunk from the initial three weeks to only five days at this point.

Covid will be demoted from a Class A contagious disease to a Class B disease under the revised regulations, removing the requirement for quarantine.

How many cases of Covid exist in China?
According to observers, Mr. Xi is now in an awkward position as a result of China’s about-face on how it will handle the pandemic.

The zero-Covid policy, which was credited with severely restricting people’s life and damaging the economy, was the brainchild of this individual.

But now that he has abandoned it, he is accountable for the massive wave of hospital admissions and illnesses, mostly among the elderly.

One of the areas where the president is most susceptible is the public’s ire over how he handled the outbreak.

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