Prince Naseem “Naz” Hamed, a boxing champion, is the subject of a sports biopic. Mena Massoud and Paddy Considine are on board to appear in Giant.

The Rise’s Rowan Athale will write and direct the movie, which is based on the actual account of Hamed (Massoud(Massoud) )’s poor beginnings on the rough working-class streets of Sheffield and his discovery by Brendan Ingle (Considine), a steel industry worker turned boxing coach. They rose to the top of boxing’s elite despite Islamophobia and prejudice because to their unexpected alliance, Naz’ unconventional fighting technique, cocky demeanor, and domination in the ring.

Additionally, Sylvester Stallone, who has experience producing boxing movies, is among the producers, which excites Athale. He claims that the tale of illustrious boxing coach Brendan Ingle and his turbulent relationship with pupil “Prince” Naseem is legendary and really cinematic. It’s thrilling, necessary, funny, and tragic. Working on this film with Mena Massoud and Paddy Considine, as well as having Sylvester Stallone and his Balboa Productions crew on board, is a dream come true.

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